Quality IT Solution develops quality websites with creative and appealing designs for your business or any other purpose. We can develop both static and dynamic websites that best suits your need.

Static Website

Static websites have no literal dependencies on any system, or servers. They posses a fixed content, and require less programming to build a complete product. These websites offer cheap benefits, has lesser page contents, and can be easily created with few web based pages. Each page should be manually altered by the developer. They are ideally designed for small business solutions.

Dynamic Website

While static websites are controlled only on the client side, the dynamic websites include client side dcripting, server side control, as well as a combination of both. These websites are designed in such a way, that every individual sees different web page content, every time they browse through the page. Most of the modern days websites, like Google, Quora, Instagram, etc. are created using dynamic web contents. These websites allow a space for user interaction, meaning an individual has the ability to upload their personal contents, comment on the page's posts, etc.

Web Application

Web Applications are essentially computer based programs, that alows user to send and receive information over the internet. These applications are the building blocks for any retail platforms, online shopping sites, etc. Client side data are what a user sees in their preferred browser, while server site is maintained by the developer for storage related details. A browser is used to navigate the content elements, and display the related page and their contents. While a website is just a collection of web pages, a key highlight for any web based application is the interaction of the business with its user.